Thursday, September 8, 2011

fluffy furry mossy man chilling in a water (cat eared)

I've been working on this during breaks at work...Finally we have CS5 here at hmx, and I'm loving the canvas rotation feature! After getting some advises from an experienced concept artist I thought I should start focusing on making a complete piece rather then puking out a bunch of sketches in short time period. Honestly it's really hard for me to know when to stop or develop more during painting process, so there's a lot to learn. mind is fixed in certain way lately, due to working on a specific kind of game. It's time to relax and let my own taste flourish. Sloooowww dooowwwnnnn...


Anarchy Club's new single Skulls is out today! Get it and enjoy Adam and Keith's version of Misfits classic :)  And yeah, I worked on their cover art :) :)