Sunday, June 24, 2012

upside down

Had a terrible week at work. this year has been nothing but a torture for me... no wonder all the sketches I do for personal work comes out as freaky images... though I learned as long as I have energy to create I'll live.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I miss...IMC...

It's Monday today and I'm back in office. In fact, new office, since we moved back to the original building (Harmonix is made of two buildings). Before my creative energy fades away I want to post up some memories here... 

Donato painting LOTR illustration.

BROM became my hero after seeing his body of work...just awesome.

Greg' painting demo was inspiring. It's OK to spend time!! Slow down!

Dan painting me as dragon girl :D

It almost look like I'm naked, but I'm not! 
I love how he liquified my face to make it look like a creature!

I modeled for Jerry too. I'm looking such a badass in this one :D

He didn't finish this, but I'm looking forward to see this done sometime.

Also by Jerry. This one is closer to actual model. lol.

Now I'm back...the first thing welcomed me was this paper dragon, Max.

My new setup. This space is kind of sentimental to me
because 6 years ago I was in the same room as an intern.
Now I'm Concept Art Lead (for now)...time flies...

My desktop buddies. Do you guys remember this character Lars Ümlaüt from GH2?

Well, I should keep sketching. 
My next piece is already started...(if I don't loose interest in this one)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Making of the Lady

I decided to summarize what I learned at IMC by looking back the last painting I did. Hopefully this helps anyone reading this. FYI, this post includes some breast exposure...NSFW depending on your work environment, so be prepared...!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrapping up

The week at IMC is almost over...It's Thursday today (wow) and we are all trying to wrap up our paintings. Here's my stuff. I'm trying to adjust color balance and levels for print.

I found painting scary ladies is really fun.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Here at Illustration Master Class, we get to talk to amazing faculties...I've been getting tons of great feedback from those masters in Illustration industry. On the first day Scott Fischer encouraged me to go for my doodle since I'm more excited about it than assignment thumbnails. Though Doug Gregory pointed out the relationship between two figure is too vague. He suggested possible story; instead of the death angel taking the life from the figure, the figure is trying to capture the angel to end her life. I was excited by the interpretation, so I made further detail incorporating the concept.

Later that day Greg Manchess, Dan Dos Santos, and Donato Giancola showed how important it is to have reference for a painting. I have never done such an intense reference photo shooting with models for my painting. I always vaguely knew I have to do more research to gather reference materials, but after seeing their process it became really clear how it affects the outcome if one paints only out of his head. It shows. (and it looks sad) So I tried to get accurate reference for the head...

The next day Donato came by and gave me feedback. He said I could push this further to next level by showing more conscious thought for background. Since the angel is already bizarre it would create strong contrast if the setting is more familiar than fantasy landscape. I agreed. Totally, right. 

Also Boris Vallejo took a look at my progress. I asked him how to deal with color, and he said "just do whatever works for your story...there is no right nor wrong"

I tried more simple but effective background, still incorporating the dying figure trying to catch the angle. Brom stopped by and gave me a feedback it'll be better not to cut the legs of the angel. 

Then I got feedback that the hands are too separated from the main angel figure, so I reworked on the posture and placement of the hands. Maybe it's too much to have a set of hands.

Dan Dos Santos did quick draw over of my piece, suggesting surreal dreamy landscape for background.

It's lovely and strong visual, but personally I'm more attached to the interior as environment it's like this currently, as of this morning. (who knows what happens to this tomorrow)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Art Camp

I'm at Illustration Master Class in Amherst College, Massachusetts this week. This is a great opportunity to experience slow and focused painting creation. So fun! Here's a doodle I did last night...on new laptop. It's good to know my new laptop is powerful enough to do serious work :)

It's like going back to college!