Tuesday, April 17, 2012

moving on

It's been pretty nice outside in Boston for the past couple days. This helps me keeping up with good side of my life and having optimistic mood. Sometimes life gets freaking harsh, but now's the time to finally cut the ill part and to move on.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

playing life in hard mode

sometimes things don't go as I expected...I'm in probably one of the hardest time in my life so far. I'm slowly coming back to a state of mind to work and function normally though...

I've left this painting above for a quite long time. I felt stuck so I didn't even touch the file for couple of weeks. During the time I was painting key art and storyboard for work with talented teammates. I think I learned a lot from the critiques we had at work because now I finally came back to this and immediately  knew what to fix. I tried to get the value balance right to bring up the focus (dragon) more, adjusted atmospheric lighting to give some depth, and fine tuned the surface detail on the dragon.

better? it better be.

this one I was trying to learn Art Rage. If you know this show and like it leave a comment. We should be friends.

This is for our comic book project. I'm taking a break from any side project for now, but as soon as I feel better I want to start working it again...