Sunday, April 10, 2011


expanded the composition, started painting...imagining this to be in color eventually. I love his face design. The original comic tells why he is always looking up. Since he is the strongest and most evil of all demons, he should be looking down on everyone, right?

now I gotta get ready for work. thurrrsdayyyy tomorrow is frrrriiidayyyyyyy (fun fun fun fun fun...)

adding more definition on skeleton and muscles. (using dog anatomy for a reference) changing the posture a bit, something that makes more sense. also now 9, since he is supposed to be the 9 tailed fox... I kinda want to animate this scene, this will be an exciting storyboard assignment.

hm. randomly starting a fan art of the ultimate and evil fox monster, Hakumen-no-Mono from Ushio to Tora comic (aka Yokai Shonen in Korea). first 10 min draft of composition and gesture study. Hopefully I have some time to work on this later today. Now going brunch and gym!


  1. Those tails look so good. I want to see more of them :). Have you thought of maybe widening the canvas on this.

  2. Thanks for feedback! Yeah someone pointed out about the comp too. I agree, it should be wide screen.