Thursday, January 17, 2013

new year's resolution

I realized I need to practice more (as usual). So this year, figure drawing as much as I can, as well as color speed painting of environment. As my inspiring concept artist friends keep saying, always work on basics. 

you can see my struggle trying the right brush for quick sketching.

finally got the right one for reasonable speed. (all 1 to 2 min from photo ref)

and I got more comfortable. newly found tip: start from nose.

I want to paint more dragons for client work, and I realized I suck at rendering scales and lizard anatomy. poop.

I will be better eventually. 

I got more analog drawings but I'm too lazy to scan them in. I'd rather practice if i got that time. :P grrr I'm getting old, and there so many younger dudes much better than me already... sigh.


  1. wowwy wow wow! Your environment sketches look great! And happy new year!

    1. happy nu yahhh! the trick is to make into tiny thumbnails. don't enlarge it please...

  2. Trying to compete with the youngs is a waste of time. Just be yourself and steal from them as much as you can :)
    nice sketches by the way.

    1. Hey thanks! yeah that's right. sometimes I feel down seeing successful youngsters, but hey, like Vincent van Gogh maybe I'll be world famous after death :P