Thursday, December 8, 2011

UNDO show photos...

 Here are some of my favorites from the UNDO art show... I couldn't take all the art, and some photos didn't turn out that great because of light glare on the piece etc. I'm only posting photos that came out pretty. 

gorilla maze that can be done then undone. (by Dare Matheson)

conceptual installation depicting things can be done in a day (detail)
(by Matt Durso)

paper skeleton :)  (by Matt Gilpin)

crazy detailed drawing! (detail) (by Kerry Roan)

Noah made printout of his flash game for the show :) :) ;) 


  1. 凄く面白そうなショウだね!近くだったら行きたかったなぁ!

  2. 意外と人が集まってくれて楽しかったですよー :)