Monday, June 18, 2012

I miss...IMC...

It's Monday today and I'm back in office. In fact, new office, since we moved back to the original building (Harmonix is made of two buildings). Before my creative energy fades away I want to post up some memories here... 

Donato painting LOTR illustration.

BROM became my hero after seeing his body of work...just awesome.

Greg' painting demo was inspiring. It's OK to spend time!! Slow down!

Dan painting me as dragon girl :D

It almost look like I'm naked, but I'm not! 
I love how he liquified my face to make it look like a creature!

I modeled for Jerry too. I'm looking such a badass in this one :D

He didn't finish this, but I'm looking forward to see this done sometime.

Also by Jerry. This one is closer to actual model. lol.

Now I'm back...the first thing welcomed me was this paper dragon, Max.

My new setup. This space is kind of sentimental to me
because 6 years ago I was in the same room as an intern.
Now I'm Concept Art Lead (for now)...time flies...

My desktop buddies. Do you guys remember this character Lars Ümlaüt from GH2?

Well, I should keep sketching. 
My next piece is already started...(if I don't loose interest in this one)

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